Ocular Routes of Administration

The eye has strong anatomical and physiological barriers to protect intraocular neurons from foreign molecules such as drugs. There are different invasive approaches to administer drugs in the eyes. The various routes of administration require specialized instruments and expertise, particularly for the eyes of small animals. TriApex has an excellent and skillful team with the experience to perform the intraocular administration precisely.

Introduction of Services

1. Topical administration (mouse, rat, rabbit and monkey)

2. Subconjunctival injection (mouse, rat, rabbit and monkey)

3. Anterior chamber injection (mouse, rat, rabbit and monkey)

4. Intravitreal injection (mouse, rat, rabbit and monkey)

5. Suprachoroidal injection (rabbit).

6. Subretinal injection (mouse, rat, rabbit and monkey)

Fig. The images taken immediately after subretinal administration to Cynomolgus monkey, New Zealand rabbit, C57 mouse, and SD rat.