Cell Biology & Immunology Evaluation Department

Immunotherapy is a promising strategy to treat refractory diseases.

TriApex has established the Cell Biology & Immunology Evaluation Department, covering the exploration of immune response mechanisms from drug discovery, preclinical research to all phases of clinical trials. We are committed to providing one-stop scientific services for products including immune cell therapies, immunomodulatory drugs, and vaccines, and also use existing platforms and technologies to enable the development of immune system-related drugs.

Introduction of Services





Target Occupancy (Receptor Occupancy)

ELISPOT (Cytokines and Immunoglobulins)


In vitro Cytokine Release Assay

Cytotoxicity (ADCC/CDC/ADCP, NK activity, T cell cytotoxicity)

Non-immune Cell Phenotyping

Tumors (Solid tumor, hematologic malignancy)

Autoimmune Diseases

Infection and Secondary Infection

Vaccine (mRNA, recombinant protein)

Immunomodulatory Drug

Adoptive Cell Therapy

Stem Cell therapy


The Cell Biology & Immunology Evaluation Department of TriApex can provide public preventive vaccine research, tumor preventive and therapeutic vaccine research, and CD cell immunity research for various specialized diseases such as oncology, rheumatology, infection, and preventive health care.