Metabolic Disease
Service Capacity

Based on the profound scientific acknowledge and rich research experience, the metabolic disease pharmacological research system. developed by TriApex can provide various metabolic pharmacology research services for clients requiring new drug discovery, including providing scientific ideas and suggestions, participating in research protocol design, implementation of research protocols, analysis and interpretation of experimental data, and collaborative development of new disease models.

Introduction of Services

TriAepx has an advanced metabolic disease research platform, which can provide intravenous glucose tolerance test (IVGTT), oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), oral mixed meal tolerance test (OMMTT), glucose gradient test (GGI), glucose clamp test (hyperinsulinemia - glycaemia), etc. At the same time, TriAepx has built a series of top testing technology platforms, including cardiac magnetic resonance imaging technology platform, CT coronary artery imaging technology platform, CT angiography technology (CTA) platform, to meet the requirements for real-time and accurate testing.

TriApex can provide relevant trial services targeting animal models of different metabolic diseases.


Obesity model

Metabolic liver disease model


Food intake

Water intake

Fat biopsy

Body fat distribution

Oral lactose tolerance test

Food/stool energy determination

Body weight measurement

Biomarker detection and gene expression

Metabolic and lipid indicator collection

Biochemical and clinical chemical analysis

Detection of hepatic steatosis based on ultrasound techniques

Evaluation of liver stiffness based on ultrasound elastography

Quantitative analysis of liver fat content, liver biopsy and histological evaluation based on MRI technology

Biomarker detection and analysis